Gone Fishin"

Type of post: Dede's Reflections
Posted By: Dede Nibler
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, May 7 2018
Gone Fishin'!! I'm taking a breather for three days!

"A whole new world.... !" Ladies start singing that song as it will be our anthem as we travel into this wonderful, exciting new world that will unfold as we blast into the next part of our SVC journey. Our start time is not this minute, however - we can all "go fishin'" and enjoy a little bit of a breather.

We completed a chapter of the SVC book this past Saturday. Have you written the ending of this important chapter in your mind? I have, and I am eager to give you my thoughts on the ending of this chapter and the beginning of the next chapter, and will do so at Wednesday night SVC Installation and Celebration Party!! I hope you have thought about how the chapter ended. What did your character do, say, feel? Remember, chapters always lead to the next chapter, just like in a song - one section leads to the next.

We have received many congratulatory emails and texts - and there have been many comments written on Facebook (Spacebook, Kirby). Julie Starr sends her congratulations, and BASC is ready to travel with SVC to New Orleans (although that shoe has not really hit the floor yet - we must be patient and wait just a bit longer. It sure looks like a positive, though).

We have Christie, Tim's sis, with us until Wednesday - so we are "going fishin'" during the next few days - in the malls, in downtown Sacramento - just doing fun things together. I hope you are resting and enjoying the time to reflect and ponder what is to come, No rushing around right now - all happened as it was meant to happen. 

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Life is very good.

Love - and see you Wednesday - please, come knowing "Wee, Small Hours" or have your music. We will be singing it on Wednesday.  NEW MUSIC IS COMING!!!!! XOXOXO Dede